TTC Timeline

September: Diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

June: Curly Sue and M get married!

January: No more Birth Control Pills, not expecting much.

Feb-April: Whole lotta no ovulation going on

April: start 1000mg metformin and try soy isoflavones (this fails)

April-September: Ovaries continue refusing to share their eggs with me

September: 50mg clomid - No O

October: 100mg clomid - O CD18!! - BFN

November: 100mg clomid - No O??

December: 150mg clomid - No O :-(

January and February: New Dr. and TTC Break

March: 100mg clomid, HCG shot, and IUI - BFN

May: Ovarian Drilling Surgery

June: O (on my own!) 6/29 - BFN

July: Back to medicated cycles! 100mg clomid - O on CD18 - BFN

September: 100mg clomid CD5-9 - O on WhoTheHellKnows (thank you head cold) - BFN

October: 100mg clomid CD5-10 w/ trigger CD16 - BFN

November: TTC break through the new year, regroup for IUIs in 2013 ::sigh:: 

We're scraping the bottom of the barrel, folks - only a few more tricks left to try...

March: 5mg Femara CD5-9 w/ trigger - IUI CD16 - BFN

April: cycle scrapped due to emotional fallout from failed March cycle and my Mom's medical emergency

May: Re-group from family life upheaval

June: Do I even *want* to do another IUI?

July: Okay, one more IUI in August and then we close the chapter on pursuing a biological child.

August: 100mg Femara CD5-9 w/trigger - IUI CD18 - BFN, taking this as a sign from God.

September: Stop treatment, time to come to terms with facts and grieve for my never to be conceived            children.

The year without infertility treatments

Adoption - Onward!
January: mailed application to our chosen agency. Announce to the Facebook World our plans.
March-June: Homestudy classes, paperwork, home visits. So many hoops - so much jumping.
July: Homestudy approved and officially WAITING!!!!

Praying this is our year...